Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic surgery is one of the most challenging and demanding among all the surgeries across the globe. We rate our hospital as one of the best hospitals in India for Cardiothoracic surgery. This surgery involves the treatments of organs affected inside the Chest. Also this treatment gives an idea of functioning of heart and lungs. At PRK Hospitals we use latest and advanced technology along with clinical expertise and provide the best cardiothoracic surgery experience.

At PRK Hospitals we perform extensive and challenging thoracic procedure that brings out the best results during to our patients. These treatments are usually handled by thoracic surgeons.

We focus on cardiothoracic surgery like:

  1. Adult cardiac surgery
  2. General thoracic surgery
  3. Congenital cardiac surgery
  4. Heart and lung transplant surgery

Various types of heart surgeries that are performed at PRK Hospitals are Coronary artery bypass surgery which helps restoring the blood flow through bypassing the coronary veins that are narrowed. Heart valve surgery helps repairing the narrowed heart valves. Arotic surgery through which damaged blood vessels are replaced or enlarged.

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    What is Cardiothoracic Surgery?

    The cardiothoracic surgery is a department of medicine that involves the surgical treatment of organs inside the chest i.e. also called as Thorax. A person who opts to get specialized in this department has to go 4 to 6 years of typical training to become a qualified surgeon. A cardiac surgeon may further take specializations in pediatric cardiac surgery, cardiac transplantation, adult acquired heart disease, weak hheart issues and few others. The fellowship in this department is highly competitive.

    The treatment for below cardiovascular diseases is available at PRK Hospitals hospitals:

    1. Angina
    2. Atherosclerosis
    3. Coronary Artery Disease
    4. Heart Attack
    5. Stroke
    6. High Blood Pressure
    7. Congestive Heart Failure
    8. Atrial Fibrillation
    9. Varicose Veins

    The number of cardiac surgeries is increasing in new born in recent times. All these cardiac surgeries for new born heart related problems are included in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery. These new born heart surgeries mainly involve these following surgeries like Congenital heart diseases surgery, closed heart surgeries such as PDS Interruption and Coarctation Repair, open heart surgeries such as atrial septal defect and ventricular septal defect closure, minimally invasive heart surgery, pacemakers, neonatal surgery.

    Post Cardiothoracic Care:

    Patients should have to maintain a healthy diet after undergoing a cardiothoracic surgery. At PRK Hospitals we have the best nutritionists who will suggest the patient the best diet that suit their body functioning. Patients underwent this surgery should take at least 6 to 8 weeks rest. Our surgeons suggest daily walking to all the patients and other physical activity can be increased gradually. Immediately after the surgery patients are not advised to lift heavy weights, climbing stairs, take improper diets etc.

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    Dr. A. Sandeep Janardhan


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    During your initial visit, our nurse practitioner and one of our physicians will meet with you and discuss your condition. We will also perform a physical examination and review any and all studies that are available. We will then discuss our findings with you and your family and explore various treatment options.

    If you have any questions about your operation, you should contact us.

    After your surgery is finished, you will be brought to the ICU where you will recover from surgery. Many patients are still asleep when they arrive in the ICU. Generally, most patients spend approximately 24 hours recovering in the ICU after surgery. Once you are stable enough to leave the ICU (usually after 24-48 hours), you will be transferred to the step-down unit, where you will continue your recovery until you are ready for discharge. Keep in mind that every surgery is different, and everyone recovers differently after surgery. Your stay in the ICU or in the hospital may be longer or shorter, depending on your surgical procedure and your recovery.

    Some patients may need blood tests and a chest x-ray prior to heart surgery. Often this testing can be completed on the day of your initial visit. If you require additional testing, we will arrange it for you. As a mandatory safety protocol, the hospital will provide each patient with a COVID-19 test prior to a procedure.

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