At PRK Hospitals we offer the best comprehensive care in all aspects of both adult and paediatric urological problems. We have a highly efficient team of surgeons with most advanced medical equipment to provide services full-fledged in urology department.

Our surgeons are specialized in renal transplantation, uro-oncology, reconstructive urology, endo-urology, and neuro-urology with urodynamic facility, andrology for treatment of male infertility and erectile problems, female urology and paediatric urology etc.

At PRK Hospitals we are successfully treating urological issues like urinary tract infection, kidney stone, prostate problems, bladder control problems etc. At PRK Hospitals we offer the below mentioned diagnosis process in the process to treatment. Our Urologists also ensure to implementation of optimal treatment plans according to the phase and severity of the conditions with fastest recovery times and shortest hospital stay with the post discharge care.

  1. Blood tests
  2. x rays
  3. Male infertility evaluation
  4. CT scans
  5. EMG
  6. Prostate biopsy
  7. Ultrasound both Transrectaland transabdominal

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    What is Urology?

    Urology is a part of medicine that deals with diseases of urinary tract and the specialist who treat bladder problems, Urinary tract issues, etc. are known as Urologists. They perform physical examination to evaluate the problem. Also they refer for blood count check, Kidney functioning test, PSA, testosterone levels etc.

    Here are some symptoms that you should never ignore to see a Urologist:

    Urinary system is made up of kidney, ureters, bladder and urethra. Problems regarding these will be treated by an urologist. If there is any problems or symptoms mentioned below you should see an urologist.

    1. Blood in your urine
    2. Frequent urination
    3. Severe constipation
    4. Consistent pain in urinary tract
    5. Heavy urination

    If you observe any of the symptoms for a long time, you should visit a urologist with all the required tests done. After tests are done your doctor will be able to suggest the diagnosis for your problem.

    Urology also possesssub disciplines like Endo urology, Laparoscopy, Urological Oncology, Neurology, paediatric urology, andrology, reconstructive urology, female urology etc.

    Post Anesthesia Care:

    We take good care of all patients who undergo surgery under Anesthesia. They are kept under observation in a modern well equipped postoperative recovery care unit by specially trained nursing staff under the guidance of the Anesthesiologists to assist the patients in any difficulty.

    These nursing staff at the Care unit will look after the patients and ensure that the patient is taken to provide adequate post-operative pain relief. Sometimes there comes a need for more intense monitoring for a longer period of time is shifted to the critical care unit for further management.

    We have an extremely skilled and well experienced team of anesthesiologists who aim at optimum quality patient care not just during the surgery but also post surgery period. Anesthestists are the fist persons who will attend the patients to prepare them for the surgery and ensure they will be comfortable till the end of the surgery.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    An individual should seek the expertise of a trained urologist or urogynecologists when he or she is coping with or experiencing symptoms of a condition of the genitourinary tract, including, but not limited to:

    1. Recurrent urinary tract infections
    2. Blood in urination
    3. Poor bladder control
    4. Urine leakage
    5. Difficulty urinating
    6. Suspicion of kidney stones
    7. Erectile dysfunction
    8. Suspicion of male infertility

    There are many conditions that could result in painful urination. An infection of the urinary tract or prostate is a common cause, along with obstructions in the urethra, kidney, bladder, or prostate.

    The presence of blood in the urine could be the result of a minor cause or a serious underlying medical condition. To determine the source, a urologist will perform a thorough evaluation. The blood could be the result of an infection, kidney or bladder stones, cancer of the urinary system, or injury.


    An individual should seek medical attention when lack of urinary control interrupts everyday activities and degrades a patient’s quality of life.


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