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From Being snug in your womb to cradle in your arms A journey walked together, with you in every footstep.

Message from Managing Director

Dear All,
I am pleased to have you all aboard an exciting journey, of discovering new and unexplored strengths and conquering your unknown fears, in the journey of womanhood to motherhood with Mom & Tot .
It’s a journey we will walk together, it’s a journey we will live together, it’s a journey of trust, joy, strength, and resilience traversed right from the time you nurture that little life inside you to the time nurse and rear up your child. At Mom & Tot we pledge to stand by you, and hand hold you through this extremely gratifying journey of being a mother. In this journey of being your nurturer, coach, support system,and guide we look forward to making your experience of motherhood more wholesome through personalised care, nutritional support, and most importantly empowering you and your child with a sense of feeling healthy and safe.

We sincerely hope that together we can make your journey more empowered, enriched and enjoyable.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely
MD Radiology Managing Director, PRK Hospitals.

About MOM & TOT

A tiny seed that grows inside a seed coat as a germ, grows into a stem, then develops larger roots, and eventually has flower buds blooming on its branches. This orchestrated journey of a seed blooming into a plant is nurtured by the showers of rain, the warmth of the sun and the moist earthiness of the soil. Just like that little seed,little lives too grow inside the womb coat of the mothers, and in this journey of blooming the bud into a baby, Mom & Tot stands by you, to shower, warm, and moist you up. At Mom & Tot, we walk you through the journey of ‘expecting to be a mother’ to eventually being a mother nestled under our care, guidance, support, and direction. As your partner in the journey of motherhood, we work towards making your journey safe, joyous, and enriching by, strongly boundin you in our love and care. We walk you down the aisle through the journey of nine months and beyond it, ensuring your utmost safety, care, and comfort at each step of the way.

Mom & Tot-Here for you- to hear you, walk with you, be with you, and believe in you to bloom the seeds of a beautiful flower.

Our Vision

● To provide holistic care ensuring the physical, mental and emotional wellness of both the mother and child.
● To have our best team of doctors, specialists, nurses, and occupational therapists guide and glide you through this journey.
● To be authentic in our understanding of your needs.
● To deliver personalised care keeping your clinical, nutritional,and emotional needs in mind.
● To create value both in terms of enriching your learning as a mother and our experiences as your mentor.
● To assist you with round the clock support 24×7 to ensure you are always cradled safe under our care.

Why Choose Us

● Our Commitment ;We are committed to put our best foot forward to ensure world-class treatment support is rendered to both the mother and the child with utmost care and compassion.
● Best infrastructure ;We promise to provide exceptional and advanced infrastructural support, backed by cutting-edge medical technology.
● Availability :We provide round the clock 24×7 assistance, making sure you never feel anxious or fear having to walk alone.
● Expertise :We are enriched by a team of highly educated and skilled doctors who have illustrated experience in performing 5000+ procedures and dispensing care protocols that are safe,clinically proven, and scientifically sound.
● Experience :We work towards making your journey of motherhood a joyous one full of new learnings, experiences and adventures.
● Holistic Approach :We adopt a holistic approach to make our care plan more comprehensive in all senses acknowledging your clinical, physical, physiological and emotional needs.
● Personalised Care : We understand and prioritise your mental well-being, hence we are always here to hear you, to show you the way, and to strengthen you up to be your best self.

Our Services


● Preconception counselling
● Antenatal care
● Ultrasound scans
● Childbirth Education
● Physiotherapy
● Interpreting NST & CTG Interpreting doppler studies Management of obstetric emergencies
● Management of high-risk Obstetrics AN/IN/PN
● Elective and emergency caesarian sections.
● Shoulder Dystocia.
● Uterine artery ligations and surgical tamponade
● Emergency caesarean hysterectomy
● Cervical cerclage for cervical incompetence
● Forceps’ and vacuum application
● Suction evacuation and dilatation and curettage
● Management of ectopic pregnancy / Molar pregnancy
● Management of 1st and 2nd- trimester pregnancy Interpreting arterial blood gases Good in postpartum care


● Prepubertal, pubertal problems
● Vaginitis and pelvic inflammatory disease
● Perimenopausal and menopausal problems
● Permanent family planning
● Cancer screening
● Pap smear, colposcopy and guided biopsy
● Office endometrial biopsy Hysteroscopy guided biopsy Cryotherapy for cervix
● Infertility workup
● Hysterosalpingogram, saline infusion sonogram
● Lap chromopertubation
● Interpretation of hormonal assays
● Lap sterilisation
● Abdominal and vaginal Hysterectomy Assisting laparoscopic surgeries Myomectomy


● Update with newer hormonal contraceptives
● Prescribing oral pills Insertion of IUCD
● Mini lap tubectomy
● Laparoscopic sterilisation (Falope Rings)
● Ultrasound Scans


● Newborn care
● Newborn screening
● Autism screening
● Genetic counselling
● Dietary counselling
● Ventilator, c pap support, incubator support
● Vaccination
● Preterm care
● Neural tube defects


● Growth and development monitoring
● Vaccinations
● Well child assesment
● Paediatric intensive care unit
● Paediatric bronchoscopy
● Paediatric orthopaedics
● Paediatric cardiologist
● Paediatric surgery


● Address a range of medical and nutrition related conditions, we give pre pregnancy nutrition related advice for attaining optimal BMI, alongside other conditions like PCOD/PCOS,Anaemia.
● We provide nutrition support for healthy pregnancy , breastfeeding, kangaroo mother care and geriatric patients.
● Nutritional support for antenatal women for antenatal women with diabetes, multiple pregnancy, low bmi, anaemia, kidney disorders or critical care with appropriate therapeutic diets. 

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