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Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery is a surgery that deals with aorta, carotid arteries, lower extremities, iliac, femoral, tibial arteries etc. This also involves the surgery of veins to treat various conditions as May-Thurner syndrome and varicose veins.Usually patients are referred to vascular surgeon by their general physician for regular pain in legs and peripheral arterial diseases.

Some common procedures followed by our vascular surgeons at PRK Hospitals are:


  1. Arm Artery Disease
  2. Aortic Dissection
  3. Hyperlipidemia
  4. Connective Tissue
  5. Disorder (CTD)
  6. Chronic Venous Insufficiency
  7. Stroke
  8. Giant Cell Arteritis
  9. Vascular Infections
  10. Vascular Trauma
  11. Varicose Veins
  12. Portal Hypertension


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    At PRK Hospitals we are committed to provide the best quality Vascular Treatment and understand the emotional needs of patients to give the best service.Our aim is to provide most advanced and sophisticated treatment of peripheral vascular disease in the safest possible ways. We have special team of Vascular Surgeons who have developed many techniques to make the treatment methods simple and easy.


    Our Vascular Surgery department offers cutting edge methods for diseases related to large aortic and peripheral aneurysms. This department of ours will deal with complete range of venous problems of peripheries and abdomen.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Do Veins Grow Back After Treatment?

    Veins do not grow back after treatment. At PRK Hospitals, we have two common ways to treat varicose veins. The first is a minimally invasive laser treatment where we treat the vein through just a needle and a catheter. The second treatment option is open surgery where we make small cuts in the leg to physically remove the veins. Both of these procedures are very effective. More often than not, if veins do come back, they typically present years later and these are new varicose veins from alternate pathways since the initial vein was removed.

    After a venous ablation procedure varicose vein removal surgery we recommend that patients refrain from any heavy exercise for the first 24 hours after the procedure. But after that, generally, we recommend that you do what feels comfortable. For most patients, their leg feels back to normal after roughly one week and they can go about doing their regular exercise.

    At PRK Hospitals, we use minimally invasive techniques to open blood vessels using a simple needle stick with catheters and guidewires. Patients typically feel better right away and can go from walking less than one block to being able to walk an unlimited distance without pain by the next day.

    At PRK Hospitals, we offer treatment for a wide variety of vascular conditions and disorders. These include PAD, carotid artery stenosis, aneurysms, renal artery stenosis and more. To learn more about the disorders we treat, see our Conditions page.