A Trauma Care

A trauma care centre in hospital is equipped with staff those who can take care of patients suffering from traumatic injuries such as motor vehicle accidents, collisions, gunshot wounds, falls etc. This trauma centre is extremely expensive. Our hospital offers free transportation for road accident victims around 20km radius from our place.

PRK Hospitals has an expert trauma care team consisting of very senior medical consultants in the departments like Orthopaedics, Neuro surgery, General surgery, plastic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and rehabilitation and physical medicine. We have a team assisted by trained paramedical staff like nurses, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to handle the trauma care patients.

Trauma care involves the highly appropriate care for the road accident victims and other minor injuries. The primary care of trauma system is to provide right service to right patient at the right time. Trauma centres are located within hospitals, emergency rooms are provided to patients who are suffering injuries from basic ankle sprain to a severe heart attack.

PRK Hospitals is equipped with trained staff of doctors and nurses to handle variety of conditions. The first priority of trauma is to save patients with life threatening injuries. There are different levels of trauma which are identified as:

  • A level 1 trauma centre provides offers the most comprehensive trauma care, 24 hours a day.
  • A level 2 trauma care also works 24 hour and offers everything in level 1 but without research and publication requirements.
  • A level 3 trauma care supports the patients suggesting the best nearest level 2 and level 1 trauma centres. This centres are available 24 hours but not with surgeons and other doctors.
  • A Level 4 trauma care will provide initial evaluation, offer some diagnosis and shift to the higher Level
  • A Level 5 trauma care will provide initial evaluation, diagnosis, and transfer to other level centres. Some centres also offer surgical care in critical conditions

Trauma Care


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