24 Hours Pharmacy

24 Hours Pharmacy

We, at PRK Hospitals are committed to provide the best pharmaceutical services. As our primary aim is patient care, we offer the safest and cost effective drugs and timely delivery through our 24 hour pharmacy services. Dispensing of the drugs is supervised regularly by the most qualified pharmacist so that only regular drugs are being supplied to the patient. We maintain ample stock of the drugs efficiently following the global standards of medicine storage and availability.

We serve the patients efficiently in providing the best drugs on time. Offering 24 hours service because we understand the emergencies of patients. We put lot of efforts at PRK Hospitals and provide to ease up the tension and effort of a patient or their family defines its efficiency. Our 24-hour pharmacy is the place where patients and their family can get medicines immediately with the doctor’s prescription.

At PRK Hospitals we have the availability of highly qualified pharmacists deputed at the pharmacy and they ensure the review process and dispensing medicines for both inpatients and outpatients. All the pharmaceutical needs at PRK Hospitals will be serve with the efficient and safe drug distribution system. Any drug or medicine requirement of the patients will be resolved in a very short turnaround time.

We understand the importance of on-time drugs to the patients and quality of drugs playing vital role in patient’s recovery. Hence we offer the best services at our pharmacy.