CT Scan

CT Scan

Computed tomography scan or CT scan is a medical imaging process that creates images using computer processed combinations. Data produced in CT can be manipulated in order to demonstrate bodily structures depending the ability to absorb X-ray waves.

CT scan is performed on the body organs like Head, Neck, Lungs, Angiography, cardiac, abdominal and pelvic, etc. In some conditions full body scan is also performed to identify the spread of infection in the body.

How a CT scan is performed?

Doctor will give you a dye that help X rays to capture internal structures images clearly. When you attend a CT scan, you are asked to change into a hospital gown and remove all the jewellery on your body. As they can disturb the image capturing during the CT scan process.

The entire procedure of CT scan process will take approximately 20 minutes. It is important to lie down on the bed or sit in the chair constantly till the images are captured. Images captured during the CT Scan are sent to the radiologist for examination.