2D Echo is a test in which ultrasound techniques to capture the images of heart. In this 2D Echo, one can observe the beating heart, showing chambers, valves and the major blood vessels of heart. In the process of 2D Echo ‘Doppler’ is a special element of ultrasound exam that assesses flow of blood in the heart.

Patient is asked to lie on the bed and a colorless gel is applied on the chest area to get specific views of heart. Person who performs 2D Echo might ask the patient to breathe slowly or hold it for few seconds to capture the images more clearly.

What are detected in 2d Echo?

  • Size of heart chambers
  • Volume or the thickness of walls
  • Valve function
  • Heart functioning
  • Pericardial effusion

2d echo can take up to 20 minutes to check for coronary artery problems. This test cannot provide the information about any heart blockages. Echo test can image the structure of heart, size, shape, thickness, infections etc.

Echo test can detect the increased risk of blood pressure with the thickness of ventricles. Heart muscles get weak with the damage of heart attack. 2d echo is not painful but feels little pressure of transducer on the chest.