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Mammography is a process of utilization of low energy X-rays to examine the breasts for diagnosis and continue for further treatment. The main aim of Mammography is to detect the breast cancers at the early stages. In this kind of x-rays, mammogram use ionizing radiation to create the images.


It is not same for every female during the process of Mammography. The process is painful to few and other may not feel pain at all. But little x-ray difficulty will be there during the actual X-ray process. During this process, the pressure applied on breast for examination may cause pain.


Doctors say Mammography do not should much effect during 30’s. It is recommended to women that the average risk for breast cancer should get yearly mammograms starting at age 45, then every other year starting at age 55. Women can choose to undergo the Mammography at the age 40 if they have any symptoms.


But somehow the recent studies say that mammography is required to start at the age of 30, for the women who have a personal history of breast cancer. It may not be much effective in women at this age but when concerned about the risk for breast cancer it is recommended at the age of 30.