Eeg, Tmt, Ecg, Emg

Eeg, Tmt, Ecg, Emg

EEG stands for Electroencephalogram: EEG is a test used to detect electrical activity in brain. This EEG test can identify the causes of sleep disorders and changes in behavior. EEG can detect the abnormalities in your brain wave to figure the activity of your brain. Electrodes with small metal discs are pasted on your scalp to scan your brain.

TMT stands for Treadmill Test: TMT is a test stat compares blood circulation in your heart when you rest under the influence of high physical pressure. This test can determine how far your heart goes abnormal to blood flow to heart muscle drops. Doctors can figure out how your heart responds being pushed.

ECG stands for Electrocardiogram: ECG records the signal from heart to check different heart conditions. The electrical signal in this process can record your heart beat. ECG can detect the future heart attack or a heart attack occurred recently.

EMG stands for Electromyography: EMG is a test that checks the condition of nerves and muscles. This test involves the insertion of tiny needles in to muscles which causes some pain and discomfort to the patient when the electrodes are inserted. EMG test usually take about 30 to 90 minutes.