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Psychiatry is the study and treatment of mental illness. The specialists who deal with patient’s mental illness, emotional disturbances, and abnormal behavior are called Psychiatrist. The primary aim of these Psychiatrists is to relieve patients from mental suffering and improve their mental wellbeing.


At PRK Hospitals we offer Adult Outpatient Psychiatry Service with a wide variety of clinical services, including both psychological and medical treatments. These services include primary care psychiatry group that can handle general issues to advanced level issues.


At PRK Hospitals we provide the best comprehensive care:

We provide state of art treatments that include Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy, Couples therapy, family psychotherapy etc. We also offer services to various disorders like:


  1. Anxiety
  2. Bipolar disorder
  3. Depression
  4. Eating Disorders
  5. Obsessive compulsive disorder
  6. Substance use disorders
  7. Schizophrenia and psychosis

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    Subspecialties of Psychiatry:

    1. Clinical neurophysiology
    2. Forensic psychiatry
    3. Addiction psychiatry
    4. Child and adolescent psychiatry
    5. Geriatric psychiatry
    6. Hospice and palliative medicine
    7. Pain management
    8. Psychosomatic medicine
    9. Sleep medicine
    10. Brain injury medicine
    Frequently Asked Questions
    If I see a psychiatrist, will I have to take medication?

    No. The purpose of a psychiatric evaluation is to closely look at all the factors that may be contributing to the difficulty you are experiencing. Once the biological, social, and psychological factors involved and how they are interacting is determined, a psychiatrist can make treatment recommendations. Treatment plans including medication may or may not be indicated.

    There are a wide range of psychiatric medications for many different types of conditions and diagnoses.
    At PRK Hospitals, our psychiatrists often prescribe medication to help clients experiencing depression, anxiety, and to manage ADHD symptoms.

    In India other specialty doctors give medications for psychological problems but please remember that the exposure for psychiatry in MBBS and post graduation is very inadequate in India often the exposure is only 1-2 months during their whole period of specialization. A psychiatrist has a minimum of 2-5 yrs training experience in handling psychological problems before he independently address the patient problems.

    To answer this commonly asked question we will first have to define what cure means.

    If we use the strictest definition that cure means the patient will not get the illness again in life then most of the illnesses do not have a cure. Eg  diabetes, hypertension, numerous neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, strokes, motor neuron disease, dementia, etc