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Real medicine treats not just your disease but your health on the whole. Therefore, we focus on providing real and tailor-made cures, and viable permanent solutions. At PRK Hospitals, every care-giver follows the fundamentals of healing, by providing care & support while helping you understand the importance of working towards a common goal of healing.

To deliver comprehensive medical treatment and superior personalised patient care through daily evaluation and assessment.

Centre of Excellence


The best team of Heart Specialists and Surgeons at your service 24×7

CT Surgery

An experienced team for Minimally Invasive Surgeries and Transplants


The best team in treating neurological disorders


World Leaders in Cancer Care.


A dedicated team with vast experience in Liver ailments

Critical Care

Fully equipped, trusted and available 24×7

Bones & Joints

World-renowned team of Ortho Specialists


Expert team of Nephrologists and Surgeons

Medical & Surgical Gastro

A pioneering team in Medical & Surgical Gastro

Spine Surgery

Dedicated spine surgeons with rich experience in trauma and corrective care

Mother & Child

Well equipped center for maternity and pediatric care under one roof


A team of dedicated gastro specialists

Centre for Mother and Children Care

MOM & TOT is a unit under PRK Hospitals dedicated specially to mother and children care. We detected a need for comprehensive care to both mother and children with the team of best in town doctors and Technology to provide the smooth transition of events during the crucial and important phases of your life hence MOM & TOT at your service with all the tertiary care facilities.

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PRK Hospitals Advantages

  • All medical and paramedical services and facilities within the campus.
  • Healthcare within your reach, in terms of availability, accessibility, and affordability.
  • 24’7 emergency and non-emergency care.
  • Professional consultants with global experience and expertise.
  • 24 hrs pharmacy with a top priority of improving the health and well-being of patients. Our pharmacy care matches the challenging conditions and the complex drug therapies that are associated with a few speciality diseases. We offer a wide range of solutions to fit the needs of the clients based on the consultation.
  • International patient care in terms of technology and treatment.
  • A unique system of professionals that stay in the Institute for most of the time.
  • Commitment to the best healthcare with CQI (Constant Quality Improvement).
  • Daycare facilities and wellness clinic.
  • Individual waiting areas for the attendants of admitted patients.
  • Visitor’s café.
  • Dedicated travel desk.

Patient Testimonials

Though myself being a doctor, I could not stop posting my experience in this forum as I thought it would be very helpful to all. I brought my father in a very sick state but the doctors, staff nurses and the team are so caring and efficient that my father recovered well and now in a very well to do state. Specifically I.want to thank Dr. Snehalatha who has treated very efficiently.Kudos to the nursing team and other support teams. Thank you all.

Laxmi. K

Happy to share a very positive report on PRK HOSPITALS as I did not know till I recently visited the hospital for treatment of my cousin who had bad abdominal pain, vomiting, fever, though my neighbourhood doctor has asked my cousin to go for surgery, PRK hospital surgeons Dr. Naresh and Dr. Saisrivardhan have given moral support and treated her with Injections and other medicines. Surprisingly she got cured, now at home. Thanks to the hospitality PRK Hospitals. Hope this will be the best Corporate hospital in Chandanagar.


Good hospital. Caring and knowledgeable nursing staff. State-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment. Spacious room at an affordable rate. A must hospital to have in a location like Chandanagar. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

Rejina. R

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